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Volume 6 Issue 6 November-December 2023

A comparative study of Salvia miltiorrhiza Radix & Rhizoma raw material and granule products using chromatographic analysis and antioxidant activity

Zhou a, Valentina a, b, *, Mendoza a, John a, Kelvin
Article PDF | Page No : 1-15

A new horizon for the steroidal alkaloid cyclovirobuxine D (huangyangning) and analogues: Anticancer activities and mechanism of action

Christian a, *, Jihong
Article PDF | Page No : 1-15

A novel quality evaluation method for magnolia bark using electronic nose and colorimeter data with multiple statistical algorithms

Jiahui, Shao, Yuebao, Yuetong, Guangzhao, Huiqin, Yonghong *
Article PDF | Page No : 1-11