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Volume 7 Issue 1 January-February 2024

Identification of the multiple bioactive derivatives and their endogenous molecular targets that may mediate the laxative effect of rhubarb in rats

Xie, Ying, Ganqa Luo, Zhou, Jiayan Miao, Tang, Qin, Guan, Xiaoyan
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Influence of puerarin, paeoniflorin, and menthol on structure and barrier function of tight junctions in MDCK and MDCK-MDR 1 Cells

Lin Zhang, Shouying Duao*, Yang Lui **, Chang Lqiu, Huichao, Bing Yang, Bai, Pengyue
Article PDF | Page No : 1-10

Integrated analyses of transcriptomics and network pharmacology reveal leukocyte characteristics and functional changes in subthreshold depression, elucidating the curative mechanism of Danzhi Xiaoyao powder

Kunyu Liu a, 1, Leiming quia, 1, Jianhua a, Huang a, Ting a, Cai a, Yunan a, Anlong Xaqu
Article PDF | Page No : 1-21

Integrating traditional Chinese (herbal) medicines into risk-based regulation - With focus on non-clinical requirements to demonstrate safety

Vivian Liu. nqan Fung
Article PDF | Page No : 1-9