ISSN 2693-6356

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Volume 5 Issue 2 March - April 2022

An Intelligent Tutoring System for Automata Theory: A Proposed Framework

Luo Da, Den Hui, Zhang Youhu
Article PDF | Page No : 1-9

A Novel Image Enhancement Technique Based On TrainableNonlinear Reaction Diffusion (TNRD)

Zhu Qinguan, Huan Linyan, Yu Li
Article PDF | Page No : 10-17

Electric Rail Traction for Induction Motor Control of Hybrid PWM strategy by using fuzzy logic controller

Ma Yinl, Zhu Cuihon, Ca Rui,
Article PDF | Page No : 19-31

An Advanced Ensemble Enhanced Feature Selection Approach for Intrusion Detection System

Pegg Bosh, Heik Staud, Sujun Ye
Article PDF | Page No : 32-38


Zha Lizi, Gou Dong, Jian Xiao
Article PDF | Page No : 39-43

Ayurveda Critical Appraisal of Embryological Concepts (Garbhasharir) Delineated in Ayurveda

Zhan Tao, Hu Yue, Lu Hao
Article PDF | Page No : 44-52

Oral Agarwood's Potential as a Treatment for Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

Dr. Priyanka Shrenik Gugale
Article PDF | Page No : 53-57