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The Journal of Chinese Traditional Medicine Journal is a peer reviewed journal which aims to serve the community as a resource and database for the professional and research of traditional medicine.The main objective of this journal is to provide strength and support to the research and educational base to the upcoming and current scientists all around the globe. The Journal provides a global platform for discussion on various trending topics of traditional medicine which has been a profession in China and other countries.

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Recently Published Articles

Potential benefits of Qi Gong meditation in quantifiable physiology: A five-year longitudinal observation

Article PDF | Page No : 47-60

Plasma metabolomics combined with personalized diagnosis guided by Chinese medicine reveals subtypes of chronic heart failure

Bangze Fu a, Chan Chen c, Liangtao Luo d, Dong Deng a, Huihui Zhao a,*, Wei Wang
Article PDF | Page No : 32-46

Outlining the keyword co-occurrence trends in Shuanghuanglian injection research: A bibliometric study using CiteSpace III

Zhang a, 1, Guang Rong b, 1, Qin Meng a, *, Mang Yu c, Xie d, Jian a
Article PDF | Page No : 18-31

Novel wild edible mushroom Astraeus hygrometricus (Pers.) Morgan induces robust apoptosis on human acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells through a RONS-subsisted mitochondria-dependent pathway

Pal a, Ribhu a, Chouni a, Subhadwip Hajra b, Santanuna Paul
Article PDF | Page No : 1-17

Integrating traditional Chinese (herbal) medicines into risk-based regulation - With focus on non-clinical requirements to demonstrate safety

Vivian Liu. nqan Fung
Article PDF | Page No : 45-53